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First international climate conference of the climate strike movement

in Lausanne in Switzerland

07.08.2019 Author: Isolde Moussot Original language: de Translator: Isolde Moussot

450 young people and young adults from 37 countries will take part in the climate conference to discuss the future of the climate strike movement and strengthen international personal contacts.

From 4 to 9 August 2019, young people and young adults from 37 countries will gather here in Lausanne to discuss the future of the Klimastrike movement. The aim of this meeting is to strengthen personal contacts across national borders and to find common ways to achieve the climate goals.

Today about 200 activists of the climate strike movement gathered spontaneously at the port of Ouchy. At first there were only 3 or 4. Then a few more gathered. Finally there were about 200 participants at the port Quchy of Lausanne.

The atmosphere was indescribable. The young people were there with indescribable power and commitment. The holidays are used to network internationally. This power has the potential and the strength to move a lot and gives rise to hope that a future in a good climate is possible!

Many of the activists took part in a die-in. The activists lay down on the ground and pretend to be dead. This should represent vividly what happens with us humans, with the animals and the plants, if we do not act finally together around the climatic goals to reach.

With songs and chants in several languages they demanded with emphasis and power their right to a future in a life-friendly climate.

On 20 September, Fridays for Future is planning worldwide demonstrations together with many other groups and trade unions. Adults are also explicitly invited to take part in the demonstrations. For the climate targets to be realized, everyone must participate, worldwide.


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