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Ways out of the age of fossil energies

Niko Peach shares his thoughts on structural change and stopping climate change

05.11.2019 Author: Isolde Moussot Original language: de Translator: Isolde Moussot

In the article there are good approaches for a way towards a good climate and these are a good discussion basis for the way we should go in the future to prevent the climate catastrophe.

It's courageous steps he's proposing. Among other things, they are:

  • Reduce working time to 50% in general.
  • Reduce flights, so that only very few are still travelling by plane.
  • Repair instead of throwing away is the new Hipe. This also applies to mobile phones and computers.
  • More mechanical devices are being used in daily life. Things like electric toothbrushes and things like that can easily be replaced by mechanical things no longer exist.
  • People are more and more on the road by bicycle again and voluntarily do renounce the use of climate-damaging utensils and vehicles powered by fossil fuels. Horse-drawn carriages can also be seen more often.
  • ...

In the article of the www.nzz.ch there are still many more points, partly also very radically and first of all outside of the imaginable.
Nevertheless they represent a discussion basis in any case. It needs these thinkers, who stand out from the mainstream and bring new ideas to the surface, because they lead us on the trace to new ways and possibilities from the age of the fossil fuels to an age of renewable energies, maintainable and jointly usable products and away from mountains of garbage.

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