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Not only plastic packaging should be put to the test by the EU, but all packaging

13.01.2020 Author: Isolde Moussot Original language: de Translator: Isolde Moussot

The idea of asking whether plastic packaging should be banned EU-wide is a very good approach. However, much more should be included in such a new law. It must be generally examined how necessary packaging is. If they can be avoided, it should clearly

climate protection and the protection of the environment always take priority over other interests.

Only if we manage to stop climate change will we be able to secure for ourselves and all future generations the opportunity to live in an attractive environment, healthy and peaceful.

It is good to check whether plastic packaging should be banned in the EU. Let us hope that action will be taken.

But the picture in the article shows how unnecessary packaging often is. Pears can be sold without packaging and other fruits and vegetables can be sold without packaging. If something is already being considered to change something, unnecessary packaging should be banned completely. For this purpose no ecological packaging is needed. This also consumes resources and thus harms the climate and the environment.

It is also possible to introduce reusable packaging, which can be brought back with the next purchase for refilling. I can also imagine this for shampoos, shower gel and other liquids. Unpackaged shops in Germany already provide good examples. In Switzerland, too, more and more people are selling unpackaged and fortunately this is even happening in normal supermarkets.

So many solutions are already here, and there are already a large number of inventions for environmentally friendly packaging. All that remains is to be applied and laws passed so that climate-friendly and environmentally friendly action becomes a duty and above all easier and possible.

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