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What kind of people do we want to be?

Moria 2, Lesbos

10.01.2021 Author: Isolde Moussot Original language: de Translator: Isolde Moussot

If only blah blah blah for the climate continues to happen, there will be masses of refugees in the future.

Perhaps we ourselves will soon be among them.

Therefore, we should already start thinking about how we want to deal with the people who are fleeing.

What kind of people do we want to be?

Egoists who allow other people to struggle for survival in water, mud and misery?

Do we want to build walls and border fences so that those who are better off can maintain their standard of living while people die at the borders?

Or do we want to look for solutions together on how to deal with the climate crisis and the people fleeing?

Does human dignity apply to all people or only to those who consider themselves privileged?

What if the "privileged" also become refugees?

In Germany, for example, we have already experienced the third drought year in a row. What will happen next? How long will we have water?

How long will we continue to set targets for 2030 or 2050 in order to save the climate, even though everyone can see how close we already are to the tipping points?

How much longer will blah blah blah and nothing will happen?

If you set targets, then it's best to set them specifically for 2021, or preferably for January and February 2021!

How much time do we have left to save the climate? Is it still 10 years? Is it 5 years or maybe only 1 year?

The fact is that with every day that passes without fundamental changes finally being made, we come closer and closer to a catastrophic scenario with millions of people fleeing and dying. Because as climate change progresses, entire regions will become uninhabitable, water shortages and food shortages and natural disasters will increase, and wars and distribution battles could break out over the increasingly scarce resources.

And all this because a few egoists think they can make plans for 2030 and continue to just talk and do nothing or far too little, while the climate crisis is already becoming more and more threatening.

The climate conscience is being made to feel good with oh-so-great projects somewhere in the world, while at home people continue to live happily in abundance and continue to emit CO2 almost unchecked.

What is actually being calculated back and forth? By what right?

Who is really footing the bill?

Is it fair to leave the bill for today's comfort and today's luxury and sacrilegious use of resources and food to the children and children's children?


Then it is time to make plans for this month and next month and to start implementing them immediately.

And this also includes a humane treatment of refugees! SOS for Moria!

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