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The reactions of some of our politicians to the coronavirus crisis and to the climate crisis are very similar

03.04.2021 Author: Isolde Moussot Original language: de Translator: Isolde Moussot

only unfortunately with the climate crisis with far more serious consequences.

In the Quarks video we find a very good analysis of the situation of the coronavirus pandemic and of the reaction of some German politicians who, similar to the climate crisis, fail to listen to science.

One difference between the climate crisis and the coronavirus crisis is that the time lag for the visibility of inaction or insufficient action, which can be seen, for example, in the rise in deaths, is within a few weeks for the coronavirus crisis and months and years or even decades later for the climate crisis.

And already in the case of the coronavirus crisis it is clearly visible how strongly this time delay influences people's state of alarm.
people's state of alert.

As long as the consequences of inaction or inaction are not immediately visible, people wait and discuss a lot, regardless of the clear warnings of science.

Unfortunately, the small window of opportunity to take moderate action is missed.

Both crises are growing exponentially and there is only a small window of opportunity to act, if possible at the beginning of the crisis.

Any measures taken later must be much harsher, with more severe consequences for the population and the economy and many deaths.

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